About Noble Gardens

Noble Gardens is a garden design and landscape management company based in Napa. Over the years, we have developed close working relationships with tried and true gardeners, garden designers, landscape contractors, arborists, pondscape professionals and nurserymen. We work primarily in redesigning existing gardens, but also recreating historical gardens and creating new garden projects.

We started our business in San Francisco where we had the opportunity to work for 12 years in designing and maintaining gardens. Credentials include a Certificate of Garden Design from the University of California Extension Program. In addition, we gained a critical working knowledge of plant materials the San Francisco Flower Market by exposure to native and exotic plant materials that can be successfully grown in our climate zones.

Our business recently relocated to Napa to better care for clients in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties. Our plan is to remain in Napa where we will be able to maintain long lasting relationships with the gardens we create.

We pride ourselves by offering exciting landscapes plans and by following through with the implementation of all the elements of the Garden Plan to create an ongoing, healthy and attractive garden. Earth-friendly and water-wise working ethics set the background for all our work.